Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mother's Day happy to all!

Happy Mothers Day to all whose Mothers are here or not and to all who are Mothers themselves!!!! My Mother, THE MEMERE, that is what we all call her, is missed but never forgotten. It has been over 10 years but every time I do my Selvedge Queen speaker program, she is there in quilts and in my appearance! Oh yes, the saying, "Mirror, mirror on the wall I am my mother after all" is true and alive in me and possible my daughter, Marisa! Not a bad thing just an eccentric thing!

We all have things in our life that are, not normal, so what is normal and why would we want to be that?

I have done my talk in 3 states, over 1000 miles in the last month. Thank you all for allowing me to strut my stuff as I make you "strut, my stuff"!

I am going to another state, NH, June 11, 2014 to the Cheshire Quilt Guild and I am always surprised at the different reactions to my show. Mostly, while I set up, people ask what is going on and do I wear this clothing?!. Then I ask them to model the trunk show and sometimes no one responds. So I have to lean against the table and say that the majority of my show is in the suitcases in front of them and if they don't help well…….. Never had to answer that question as once the first coat and model come out everyone wants to participate. A great way to include everyone in the process. I know I have trouble sitting through a slide show presentation with a speaker reading from her notes. I wear hearing aids and I need to be engaged, otherwise, I tune it out! Sorry!

I curated a quilt show with the Material Girls Quilt Guild of Leominster, Ma last weekend at the Fitchburg Art Museum during that annual Art in Bloom weekend and I must say the quilts and the floral displays complemented the museum and our guild. Showing your quilts at quilt shows and different places gives your guild recognition in your community and, also, to the quilter who has designed a wonderful quilt that needs to be seen! I am really sad when I go to a guild that has canceled their quilt show because of lack of volunteers. My own guild is also in jeopardy! We need to show how diverse quilters are and also validate that this is an art form worth pursing, We need to engage our younger generation to start quilting so that this art form, of pure personal expression and choice, has continuity! I also interpreted a photo from a revolving show of an orange on a carrot representing a man and his toupee.!!!!!

Please, when your President asks and needs volunteers, say yes!!!! The only difference between you and the President of your guild is that she did say yes!!! I always volunteer first as I get to choose what I will do, knowing I will do something! So much better to just say yes, NOW! I will be doing an auction for a guild I just spoke to and they asked me to return and help them make money. You need money to get wonderful programs, like me, HA! so that members get engaged and bring others to help increase your skill level, to inspire you , teach you and to get new members. None of that happens without money!

Please volunteer. Come to the Quilters Connection Quilt Show the first weekend in June, date and website posted under my calendar! Go to other quilt shows and show your support and also spend money at local quilt shops and vendors, what would we do without them!!! Be inspired and you will be inspired!!!
Until next time.

I thought I would post a Mothers Day picture from my past, possibly 25 years ago of the Memere, moms and future moms!

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Linda Hicks said...

Brava! Congratulations on your success and ways of engaging an audience.