Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Quilters Connection Quilt Show this weekend!!!!! come, be inspired!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

My first red carpet!

Last night I did my speaker program in a very elegant building in Simsbury, CT for the Farmington Valley Quilt Guild at Eno Hall.  Marble, columns, velvet yellow drapes, inspiring moldings, trim work and best of all, a red carpet!  The Program Chair really got onto the spirit of the Runway Show and literally created one by having the hall seats face each other and a rented red carpet down the ycenter.  She, a guild member and I had a great supper and then these 2 ladies hauled, yes, hauled, my heavy trunk show up 3 or 4 granite stairs to get it into the hall, across a granite patio.  Each of the bags weight between 20 and 80 pounds so we worked off dinner right away!

One of my 2 dinner companions, at dinner, mentioned how she labels her quilts.  She numbered them from the start and now she knows exactly how many quilts she has made!  Great idea as many of us have no idea how many quilts we mad,ne!

As I sat through their business meeting and Show and Tell I feel comfort in knowing that all guilds face the same issues as the 3 I am involved with, need volunteers, help with the quilt show, Comfort quilts and so many cooperative people working together to solve any issues that arise.  We are quilters, a wonderful rare breed!

The models were feisty, spirited and pranced the night away!  I wish I would have taken a video!

I think a quilt should be made with the universal motifs that decorate this building, they wold also make awesome quilting motifs!

As always the ride home was eventful with a turkey or pheasant flying into my car and demon eyed fuzzy fox almost getting his tail clipped!  This is the third time and have had a fox run in front of me on my ride home!
Can't wait for the warm weather to arrive.....

Busy life, wouldn't have any other way!

I was lucky to be invited to the Northern Lights Quilt Guild in Lebanon, NH.  A beautiful ride and awesome sunset and falling star on my way home. Great idea for the Program Chair to take me out to dinner because most of us come to your towns and don't know where to eat, especially, if you just driven 2 or 3 hours.  I usually drive thru McDonald's!
I am always amazed how helpful members are in dragging my heavy suitcases in for my trunk show and always thankful! especially grateful, when they pack it all back up and help lug it out into the car!
I calculated that there is 3000 yards of fabric in my coats and quilts and misc stuff I bring.
The hats were a big hit and many members wore them with different jackets !
I am so thankful to be asked as it allows me, over and over again, of how much I have created  but it also puts pressure to create something new!
I made a Creature Comfort vest, yes, a swamp vest, this week because I bought an alligator rhinestone necklace that needed a vest to show it off!   I made an alligator soft sculpture scarf to wear too!  Just need to sew the teeth and claws on it before I post!
more later........