White! I hate the color White!

Welcome from the Ice Queen, I mean Selvedge Queen!

Where do you live?  I live in the Worcester, Ma Hills and we get more snow than anyone!  When the weatherman tell us it has stopped, not here, oh no!  12" more,  but a snow day is a quilting day and that is what I did.  We had a red metal roof put on our camp, yes, this month.  Also, a dormer for a new closet, 1/2 bath and 2 chimneys!  Why would my husband and son do this in the summer when the coldest part of the year is much more invigorating!

This year, I promised to fix all my body parts that do not work, thus Knee replacement surgery at the end of February.  I sign up for a Mammogram, Bone Density test, hearing test, allergy test and Cat Scan! I will fix the rest when it is time.

I also decided not to buy much fabric this year! but to work on cleaning out bags of scraps and UFO projects that hang on, get stuffed into and just about create a walking hazard in my sewing room.  So the bags of scraps leftover from a dragon coat became a small bag, all the leftover,blocks, strips and fabric from assorted boys quilt became my newest grandson, Mason, Transportation quilt!  All the remnants from many girl quilts became a Hack and Sew backing for a larger girls quilt!  I found more petals, they seem to never end even after 4 quilts! and those will be used to make a Challenge quilt, My Favorite Color, for one of my guilds.   I found an ethnic wallhanging that my niece bought on Ebay and gave me to rip apart and make a different border for a baby a friend was having.  I finished that as the "baby" is now a 3 year old toddler!  I made a small quilt for my Crit group using the Summer fabrics we swapped and had some fabric leftover so I decided to make another one, A Self Portrait, Andy Warhol style!  I also made a Sensory quilt of textures for a visually impaired 9 month old.   You wonder where are the pictures?  Well some will be seen after the event they were made for ends.  Some are not quilted yet.  Next week, maybe?

All of that emptied 2 African baskets full of junk leftovers and now a small space can be seen in the corner these were dumped into!  I have also participated in a Charity Sew making NICU blankets for the incubators of an area hospital and also pillowcases for a Battered women Shelter nearby.  Somehow, January is always a month of contemplation, renewal, resolutions and SNOW!

Yes the color white I referred to in my title refers to SNOW!  Maybe I will go take some pictures now, maybe…..


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