Sunday, October 1, 2017

So it has been almost a year since my last...........

Proof that I am really bad at communicating and writing.  Life has been very busy, many quilts have been made and given away!  Isn't that what we do.  Make quilt for others to enjoy?  Yes, we sometimes make quilts for us, but there are just so many spaces to hang.  So many others that need our help!  I still love some of the quilts hanging in my dwelling that I just  can't take down.  My bed quilt is an African mismatch of whack and sew blocks that I made 6 years ago and everyday I wake up and love it!
I think the beauty of being able to do what we do is the ability to create for ourselves and some else and pass it along.
I recently made a retirement/ camper quilt for some good friends and when I asked what they liked they said moose, fish, camping and, yes, I did have most of that type of fabric in my stash.
My daughter asked me to make some comfort quilts for her OT's that had life changes and needed comfort, yes to those.
Now it seems to be costume time and can't wait  to find out what grandkids want.
I have done many Challenges in my local guild.  Summer, Year Long, swaps, petals, Friendships, BOM, Crazy Quilts, 1/2 Square Triangles, Round Robins, Strips Robins, you name it I have done it.
Maybe that is my new direction in creating trunk shows for others.  I sure have done a lot those.
Maybe my direction has to be something that someone challenges me to do.  I have 70 garments, more, than that in quilts, more than that in ideas and waiting, I think, for the next break through .
Every creative person looks to the next creation, the next quest in fabric hunting, no, I don't need that!!!!!!!!!!
I have many UFO's and this year,  may finish some, again.  After  visiting Italy for 12 days with another quilting friend and going on Esterita Austin's Getaway, and realizing I am not painter, we should all be up to trying new things, maybe failing, but still being you.  This should be the year of finding your voice.
I have a voice, garment, loud fabrics,  hack and sew techniques, themes of every kind and the willingness to be open to anything.
How about you?
I will try to be a better blogger, not for you, but to keep track of what I have done.