Friday, January 16, 2015

Calm after the storm!

Holidays are over, decorations are still up, sinus infection has struck and ice and cold are unrelenting!  Welcome to my world.  I live in a rural area, camp sits in the lake and wind howls across the ice.   The road is 1 lane, dirt, mud, ice dams and curvy and all seem to drive fast so you spend time in ditches.  The weather is special here, always 10 degrees below normal, define normal?, and no one ever just drops by, the best part of being isolated.  My daughter has a fit overytime she has to drag her 3 children down the steep driveway, unplowed, as husband  is in Korea or somewhere over there, calling me "woman" how can you live here and my son is always needed here as issues in winter are daily and need his assistance.    The best thing is that it is beautiful here and no one expects me to be anywhere in bad weather so I can stay home and create.

Winter, summer, my shoveling outfit, picture of camp from the water in summer.  I have lived here for 12 years and never been on or in the water but now that the ice has finally frozen I plan to snowshoe with the ones I got  from Santa and plan to learn to walk with them.  New titanium knees are awesome and so glad I did not wait another 10 years to have the 2 surgeries.  If I knew how great it would feel I would have had them down 10 years ago.  No one should live in pain!

Only outside connection is from husband who uses  Facetime and asks why I did not put my makeup on and why I am still in my PJ's.  No matter where in the world we are someone can reach out and touch or talk!

Current projects are the Mystery quilt from the Material Girls Quilt Guild that started in September 2014 and so glad I did not wait until the last week before the deadline to create.  Small pieces, lots of them and I just realized I ran out of  the accent fabric that I have had for 10 years so need a hint on what to do?????

Going to a quilting getaway only 10 miles away!  Still a retreat as I will at least not be here, no prairie wife routine of dragging wood in for the wood stove to heat and no icy driveway, no cooking packaged noodles and canned veggies and will actually be normal for 3 days, what is normal remind me?!  Brinigng monster  fused quilt that I am making for new grandson Reece who will be born in February and also  his parents new queen bed quilt that is paper pieced, oh please help! and not brining the Mystery quilt pieces as need to find fabric!  Why, always an issue, always drama.

My mother in law's favorite hobby is cleaning every inch in her condo.  Well I have always told her that cleaning is hazardous to her her health and I was proven right when she broke her hip this week.

Stay warm, create, eat, drink and be happy that we have the ability to make wonderful things.

PS; maybe, if I can something done this weekend ,I will post pictures!!!