Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Who, What, Why and How to become a Selvedge Queen

 In the beginning.....

Once upon a time...............
I have  been sewing since I was 9.   Who were the people who
made me sew?  Why start so young?  What did I do
and why am I compelled to create with the "Naughty Threads"
and "Naughty Friends" of my life?  How and why did I get from
calico dressed  matching outfits to jackets with tails and love to wear them. 
Kind of an exhibitionist. Past polititian, past president of guilds, docent, married,  a long time, 2 married children with 4 grandchildren.  What 's a docent? How long is long?
Where do I store all my weird clothing and numerous UFO's when I live in a 1000 square foot camp?
Why am I amassing more fabric and thread when I have  enough for a thousand
quilts and why did I make the ones that are everywhere?

Maybe time and this ongoing blog will answer!
Will it go happily ever after?