Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Reconnecting from disconnecting­čĹĆ­čĆ╗

All of us lead busy lives with some very organized and some just disconnected and needing  to reconnect.  Sometimes  our choices put us on an unfamiliar path.  I need to find my way down the yellow brick road to a path that says "I want to go home".  Our family is passionate and sometimes it is hard to say I am sorry for going too far.  It is called "Foot in Mouth" disease!
So following this notion that we can find  our way back home I will try to be better in communicating as that is how paths get disconnected!
To help on this journey I decided my summer of reconnecting to what is important to me was to quilt for my community, because if we don't all decide to forgive and move forward how can anyone take another step?
My guild had a comfort workshop to put together kits from hundreds of yards and blocks of donated fabric this summer in anticipation of the next guild year.  We made over 125 kits to give our 125 members.  I took home orphan blocks made by numerous people that were donated.  These members passed them forward like I do when I buy the persons behind me. I have said this before, I always get the people buying for the office but imagine someones surprise when this gift is given to them!  I had someone do this nice thing for me and I still feel the glow of this generosity.  Try it and see how you feel!
So to repent for past deeds that I need to reconnect from I created 11 comfort quilts to give to those who may be facing similar issues.  Having my son work at the camp and building staging was a perfect quilt rack!  Also loons on my lake seem to love my music from "Pink"!  And quilts!

I also created a baby quilt and "Minkie" blanket for the curator of the museum  where I am a Docent.
  I promised to make some bags from African fabric for the museum store but need more time to fit that in as I Need to finish a quilt I started 4 years ago for my son and family!   Family should come first.  It is a Judy Niemeyer paperpieced queen size quilt that I have started, very simple blocks that are all the same and I need to replicate more, while reconnecting and disconnect from other issues!
Life is like concentric circles!
I will write again!  After I Leave the deserted beach where I have reenergized!