Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Life changes

I think everyday is an opportunity for change and while, this can be good, it is mostly stressful! My life is ever-changing and evolving and I love the fact that are unexpected things happening because I never take for granted that my day will be the same as yesterday. It never is.
Today I had 20 Docents and staff from the Fitchburg Art Museum for an end of the year celebration of things accomplished!
Tomorrow I will give my Selvedgequeen talk to the Cheshire Quilt Gulld in Keene , NH and look forward to the visit! Love the JoAnns there and love the Mill Yard Shopping Center where many different stores are. I shop there many times!
I never realized knee surgery would add to my laid back approach I have developed to sewing. I need to get back in the path I always had but never realized how fortunate I was to have a path. I have started the basic Judy Nemeyer Desert Star quilt to make for my son and family, easy but I need to sit down and sew.
grandchildren I staying, all 4, for the weekend. Mason is just to little at over5 months! He loves his mommy, Marisa. I have planned tshirt painting projects and canvas painting projects for their Fathers for Fathers Day. I think most of us have alternative things that our children would love to play with and it is time to use them!
I will post pictures of stuff they actually sit down and make. I find that when they come here they love to trade the Yellow Brock Road ups nd down constantly. Plus they did everywhere, so watch your step! We have no yellow bricks but all know Memere's love of the Wizard of Oz and also love to just play.
Don't you wish you could play like a child. Just decide to do something out of your box, use some of those products you buy, just do something outrageous! YES, I wilL!

I had a great 60th Birthday party hosted by my vids and husband, so very thankful to have them!

My kids had every quest and relative write a story about me! They were truthful and said what happened and I was amazed they did not exaggerate! Mnay do but my kids were surprised at what was written as they thought I had embellished! If they only knew the full truth!……..NEVER