Friday, February 15, 2013

Misunderstanding of Blogs, WHAT and my contribution a

I look at the statistics of my blog and wonder "What"!  If you have read previous blogs of mine you will see this is a family trait of those of us who are hearing impaired!  I just don't get it!?  It is not something to hear but understand.  I guess, we all not to hear, see, but awareness does not come easily.
So, I made a quilt fro a friend last week and only charged her for what, that word again, I paid, is that right?  Do we undervalue what we paid for what, again that word, we are paid?  YES!
I always feel bad when I have to charge for my time as if everyone can't afford me and they the need the quilt  and the money, thus I should make it and not charge.  Bad.
It is not their fault but my own and I don't think it is self worth but the fact that I love to make quilt regardless if I get pay or not. The last quilt I was asked to make and, I also made 2 NICU quilts, Neo intensive care, and was elated to do it for a hospital that saved my son, who was diagnosed with meningitsis during the storm of 1978 blizzard and lived and thrived.  That is real and a blessing, cost me nothing,  yet everything!  No picture, just thankful that he lived, survived and is married with a wonderful wife and 2 beautiful grandchildren who reflect all that is why we live, quilt, and look forward to making more.  Who cares about charging for their time!
I am working on my grand daughters quilt which, of course, I started last year and ran out of fabric because her bed size increased.  Always remember that bed sizes, for relatives,  increase.  So I went back to the store and, no more fabric.  We know that happens but not to us.  It does.  So a design opportunity opened up because I work with many fabrics in my quilts and another fabric in the quilt was still available, but not enough for the borders.  Sometimes these opportunities offer us the best alternatives to a better and spectacular quilt!  I will post a picture when that happens as I have not figured out how to finish this quilt as I changed the way it was constructed because I can't or won't read, instructions!  Not the fault of the book but me.

OK I vented enough.  Let's be honest as blogs should be honest.  I do not want to read instructions.  I do want want to make just any quilt, especially  for Jocelyn.  I want to do it...."My way?" and where did Frank Sinatra enter into this?  I just want to say that even if you use a pattern, a magazine, a video, book or even a show or look at the pictures , we all make designs, designs based on a theme or a design.  I have the biggest issues  with those who make designs, and if you have ever visited Italy or Greece, based on ancient design, nothing, is original because the past is there and defies us and influences us and there. There.  I have seen it.

All right, I vented, don 't feel better as quilt is still undone until I, yes I, decided to proceed.  Not art but a functional bed quilt to warm a small soul who I love more than anything who will not know the anguish of this quilt but know that Memere made it!

Ti the next time and who cares about spelling, I don't because I don't!