Trunk Show

 Greta and Harry!
Naughty Friends!

Jackets to be modeled, over 2000 yards of fabric!

 Naughty Friends that I used to create and still do!
 This quilt, a Hack and Sew" one will be called " AConfrontation/Conversation with the Family" and I will write dialog all over it because the pictures remind me of my family.  What do you think these 2 gentlemen are saying?
 Too true
 Dancing thrue life........
 Always a self portrait to remember where I was
 Backwards, Marian!

and remember to leave them laughing!

Following are  pictures of sewing space and organization baskets, shelves and selvedges!

 Naughty Friend and her inspiration!  from Elinor Peace Bailey pattern!  Love them and her!

 Vampy me!
 Earth mother me!
 Westminster 250th Anniversay quilt I made with over 600 signatures of Elected official, committees and employee with serving members in the milatary and  red one for Ryan Jones who lost his life in Iraq.

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