Sunday, June 3, 2012

Life in Calamity

Well, I have had a week that dealt with water, not as a cleansing but as a calamity!  My Horoscope said "don't go overboard" does that mean don't jump in!  I live on a lake and I have told everyone that if they see me in the water to rescue me!  To get back to the story, my Quilters Connection Quilt Show,, was awesome and so inspiring, but tiring so I stayed home on Saturday.  I should back up, Thursday we set up  the show, then I babysat and I won't talk about the potty chair nightmare, and I went to another guilds quilt show meeting at night.  I went to get my pen and realized that the opened bottle of Diet Coke had opened in my rubberized pocketbook and it was half full of soda, covering my wallet, loads of $20"s to spend at the QC show, all my new guild membership cards, credit cards, well you know what we all all carry.  So I had a money  laundry, literally going on, so it would dry out.  So I worked at the show Friday and took Saturday off to "relax".  Waterworld revisited occurred!
My daughter in law came over so I could see the grandchildren and when I went to look for something for her in the only closet I have, I realized everything was wet and ..............moldy!  I take a Zyrtec in the am and Singular in the pm so the minute I opened that door I saw stars, as I could not breathe!  I then removed everything and found black mold growing because the water heated had been leaking!  Panicked, Nadine and I removed my vintage fabric, all our coats, winter and summer, and assorted batting! I told her to bring them out to the car and I would bring to the Storage unit I rented because I was tired of being called a "fabric hoarder"!  Did I mention it was raining, buckets of water?  It was and I had left my sunroof ,in my SUV, open.  Now there were 3 water incidences!
I drove to the QC show with the heater on, heated seats on and thermostat set at 80 degrees with the offending sunroof opened so I would not pass out and pray that water runs away!  While my pants were soggy my spirits soared because those awesome quilts were there!
Tomorrow I rest no more going "overboard!
Which one is ?

My group Round Robin for the QC show!, minus Deborah!

me, again!

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Petals in My Garden 2

Isis vest, I know it is tame for me but I used the pink silk fabric donated by Nashua Sewing and Vac that I won at the Quilters Gathering Show for my 1st place win in the P J's contest!!

My Round Robin, Dragonese 2, did you know this was stared in the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese Calender, and finished in the year of the Rabbit?!
Calamity Jessica