Thursday, April 26, 2012

Art In Bloom, Quilted Blooms at Fitchburg Art Museum May 4th - 6th, 2012

Ok I love the Fitchburg Art Museum, FAM, and I love quilts, maybe more.  So I thought I would combine the 2, in one of another things I love, Art In Bloom at the museum.  Once a year we have this show, as I am a Docent and I can say I love it, and also because I asked if I could have a  quilt show and they agreed.  I do help with some stuff there.  The reason I thought this was a great idea is because most of us quilt something with flowers in it and all of us love flowers so the 2 mix well.  Museums need other ways to attract you to them because the art alone can't sell itself unless you know it is there.  You should check us out as we have wonderful paintings, sculptures and events at the FAM and you need to see it to believe that a city such as Fitchburg, Ma could have such a wonderful collection, especially as it was started by a woman, Eleanor  Norcross.  If  you don't support these small private museums they will cease to exist and that would be awful.  Just as if you don't support your local quilt stores they will disappear and you will be left with the chains, that are good but not special.

My show at the FAM, May 4th - 6th, 2012, will be inspiring and all about Art in Bloom, truly Quilted Blooms that are beautiful, wonderful, inspiring with techniques you want to copy!
You must come and experience all the Blooming arts in one place

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Herring Run Quilt Guild

Well, I wrote an entire post and never saved it so that is why there was a title and no info for the last post. I am speaking at the Herring Run Quilt Quild in Norwell, Ma Saturday, April 7th as a fill in speaker. So happy that people remember that I am local to Massachusetts and call me if they need a speaker in a hurry! Almost a glitch as I broke one of my hearing aids today and this was the first time In 41 years of wearing them that I broke one. Freaked out as. I am talking tomorrow at the Herring Run Guild! Luckily I called all around as, of course, my dealer was away, and found a dealer in Shrewsbury who not only fixed it but but didn't charge me. An angel!
Finally started my Material Girls Quilt Guild year long challenge "if you were a quilt what would you be"! We may think we know ourselves but try to quilt that idea.
 I also finished the final round in a Round Robin challenge for Quilters Connection Quilt Guild and I can't wait for the big, 32 participants reveal at Monday nights meeting! I wish everyone a safe and wonderful holiday and hope the warm weather remains warm!