Sunday, March 23, 2014


Hi and signs of spring are here! Sorry it has taken a while to write again but I had knee replacement on February 25, 2014 and all I see, feel and have is pain. It is getting better and more manageable but it is my right leg so no driving or quilting yet! I have finished a binding on a past UFO and also hand sewed button centers on this 3rd Petal quilt from a Material Girls Quilt Guild Petal Swap over 10 years ago. To say that some of the colors and patterns are not ones I would choose today is an understatement but I do remember that colors and patterns come and go and anything you create is actually timeless! It was great to finally be rid of these and now to move on to another project. I am knitting some selvedges into a small bag and realize that they need to be under 3/4" wide otherwise it is harder to knit and also must have large needles. Also knitting every row creates too much bulk and makes a heavier bag so much better to knit and purl alternating rows. It is a great way to keep busy and experiment because when do you ever take the time to experiment????? Quilters are the best!! Friends have come and brought their projects to show and tell and also lots of food and goodies! So glad I have them in my life to share the pain and the fun and also help motivate me to move forward or to just move! Waiting for my favorite Long arm quilter Kathryn to bring me back some of the 4 quilts I finished and gave her before my surgery so I would have something to do. Very motivated to get going and driving again and back on the road with my Selvedge Queen talk and also all the big and local quilts shows coming up in April. Pictures will follow and so glad that the snow has melted somewhat and now just waiting for more to arrive sometime this week. The best thing about this is 2 days later it will be 60 degrees! Spring in New England always has surprises! Keep quilting