Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Year, new issues!

I use this as a diary to self and to keep track of the crazy life I live as you!  Nothing goes to plan.  I will be having knee replacement surgery in February, have adjusted one talk and begged family members to drive me to others,  Life is good.

Do you ever wonder what ore we can achieve in  our quilting or our creative lives?  I do.  But I have decided that life decides that.  Life interferes, life cannot be controlled.  Life is what we make it and how we adapt to what is given us.  My new handsome, black fussy haired grandson, so cuddly and warm was born with a cleft lip, minor but still unexpected.  People ask is this depressing and my my daughters response it could have been worst and this is minor in the scheme of volunteering to hang a basketball hoop for children in his struggling town, fell off, and life will never be the same again.  Ask to be on y Facebook page and the info is there if you feel this could have been your family!

My house, camp, is under siege by my husband who always decides to renovate Christmas Eve.  My children always though that the sawdust on the tree was the best part of the holiday!  Teachers wondered about how we live, as I still do.

Those of you who have Blogs, does your family read them?  Mine, mot!  I write to keep track of the many things  and ways that my life twists and turns and evolves!

So, I took a workshop  class with QC with Jo Diggs!  So much fun and made a small landscape that I will handset, kill me, and also a fish collage, which was so easy as I live in a lake and know fish!  My sewing room, along with all rooms are under siege by my husband who will be leaving on a business trip to wherever with the results, not mess, progress for a new bathroom, closet, roof and  chimney flue.  Should have done in the warmer months but o challenge to do it then.  Much better to do it in subzero, rain and ice storms!  And, have your contractor son to help.  Not sure my blood pressure is happy but Paypal is because for every stress, New purchases get delivered!

Back to sewing!

 I am going to one of my guilds getaways nest weekend, thanks the heavens and will try to finish a UFO or many as I have many, not counting because between the knee replacement and family stuff and renovation I need a no brainer, thus UFO!

I will post pictures at some point soon, not now and hope that this post find all of yu well, creative and at least rested!