Monday, August 24, 2015

Timeout and Boxes!

Ok, I took a timeout from everything, friends, quilts, dusting, ..... well just about everything.  That is what burn out does to you.  I have finally realized that I can't do everything that others want me to do.  I have done everything that I want to do and right now that is a timeout!  I did make 2 Comfort quilts from old blocks that others had made and somehow I put them together in a way that is comforting, nor beautiful, but representing the energy of others, together in two quilt!

I made another vertical fabric quilt, #3, in a series of leftover UFO fabric from 2002 and still have more fabric, it appears to be growing on one of my shelves,  and generating somewhere in my studio!

Speaking of my studio I rearranged again so I could actually see things.  You try working in a 10' by 10' space with 2 windows, 3 major doorways, main bathroom, living room and the outside,  and sew where the fabric is 9' feet high and cavelike!  It is beautiful with the Loons  visiting 15' away,  the fish jumping and the waves lapping against the deck, pure bliss.

On a funny note, the reason I  partly named this blog  partly Boxes is my 4 oldest  grandchildren,  9 to 6, the other 2 are too young, yet, have been sleeping in boxes for a few weeks.  Yes, they seem to be preparing for being displaced and the duct tape industry is flourishing.  My son told me, his oldest son can't live without duct tape and recycled materials.  He even made a horse that they ride around the house!  Kids today are not afraid to experiment and recycle!  Such a great world they will be creating.

It has been a challenging summer!  When you choose to opt out of everything. others have issues.  All I know is that all of us need a timeout, especially when having to do things that are just too ....
So I will never plan 2 quilt shows in a month,   maybe never plan another one, ever, never let others dictate how something is completed and never take time away from my family and my time to create, again.  It drains the creative juices that fuel and inspire us.  It sends us down the path of a timeout!

So a new Material Girls year is beginning with many challenges overcome, a new time to regenerate and reconnect with all the disconnect!  But.............. time out was unexpected joy!

Next speaking engagement will be the Leominster Art Association, Ma a varied group working in all mediums but especially photography and paint ing.  What to say?!!!!  Life always evolves in new paths and our art goes the way of the want and need to create, the need to finish, the need to move on, the need to just do.
Sunsets every night, why would you be anywhere else!

Frozen princesses that I made a deal with!  I buy costumes for one year instead of making!

2 double chins, newest grandson, a bruiser!~

Comfort quilt #1, don't critique!

Comfort quilt #2, what would you do with blocks from assorted people from 10 years ago?

Back of quilt for #3 vertical lines fabric from2002!

Fort of same quilt and still an interesting interpretation of what to do with striped fabric!
Time out almost over and I will be better.  Liar, liar pants on fire./........