Thursday, June 25, 2015

Material Girls Quilt Guild Quilt Show, June 26 and 27, 2015

Colorful Creations
Quilt Show
June 26th – 27th 2015
Friday 9am – 6pm and Saturday 9am – 3pm Men and Children 12 and under FREE With accompanied, paid admission $7.00 Admission fee
Show Features
Display of Member Quilts Vendors
Yard Sale Scissor Sharpening
Light Refreshments Quilts of Valor booth And more!
Being Held at:
St. Leo’s School Auditorium
120 Main Street Leominster, MA. 01453 Handicapped Accessible
Take Route 2 to Exit 31A.
Follow Route 12 South toward Leominster Center.
St Leo’s will be on your right Approximately 1.3 miles from Route 2.
Parking in both front and back of the church and the school.
For more information 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Quilting, Me and always different trunk show part 2


After posting the original blog I received an email saying that I was very misleading in the why the "modern" quilters left this guild and I apologize for any wrong impressions.  Unfortunately that comment was made generically.

I stand corrected that I should not  have generalized about any individuals who leave a guild as I belong to three guilds and there are many reasons why they leave.

I have removed that portion of the blog so not offend anyone as that is not my intention.    Quilters should have fun and be about the art of quilting that we are so fortunate to have!  I have seen  issues  of members leaving in my other guilds and as a current President of a guild and past president of another it is always appreciated by us to know why people leave so we can change and be more friendly.


I have done many Selvedge Queen shows lately, 4, and the last 2 have been different!  One set up their room as a Runway and one had so much enthusiasm,  that it took my breath, my voice, away so I got an opportunity to take more pictures and my Daughter- in-law, Nadine, came and took a video of it!  Everything seems to be video or UTube today?

It was a small group, 40 members, with some meeting at night and others on a different day in the morning to accommodate their members schedule.   I will send pictures so the members who were not  present can see the program.

Art 101, for those of us who never took art courses  uses the  principles of: perspective, form, line, shape, texture, color, focal point, pattern, balance and contrast.  No matter what or how or why we create an element of these is seen to the viewer!  This guild's show and tell really showcased this!

It was a wonderful show at the Souhegan Valley Quilters Guild speaker night!  Join them as they are a wonderful and inspiring guild and also much so fun!  I will show you!

With only 20 members present I was unsure of how many models I was going to have.  The Program Chair had 2 lined up.  I need four or five to show all 60 garments and quilts and selvedge stuff.  So, after I spoke for 15 minutes about why I do this, the first 2  stood up, and then four, and then 9, almost half of those present.  They put on all al the garments, pranced around, and were done  the runway show in 15 minutes and then I had 40 minutes to talk and talk I did and then some, about the 'Who, What. Why of being a Selvedge Queen" so it was a wonderful night of laughter and a new experience for me to see so many people wearing my garments at the same time.

I love the unexepected! Don't you!

Garments explained

Me of course, self portrait!

Trunk shown garments shown in the suitcases

Unworn but explained!

The other stuff

The models

The audience, unsure or what is coming

72 yards of fabric in that long one!

More models

The prancing starts!

How to win an election dominate by men!

Be a Bees queen!

Ok out of context but I drive when not doing a Trunk show!  vroom.............

Daughter- in- law-Nadine, a pack horse as she has 3 kids, one a 3 4 month old, and does it in 4" heel boots, not sure how!

Sert up

OK me again.  I have made at least 5 quilts about me!  I have a UFO that I gave to members of one of guilds to showcase me!  Maybe this summer I will be brave enough to finish!

Need to hire me for explanation about that dress

Anniversity vest, "Dancing Thrue Life"

Selvedge queen need a hat, a crown or...........lover of Wicked and Wizard of OZ

models are multiplying 

Do elephants fly?

OK geese at my camp the next day, so many more.......

I am my mother after all!

1st dress it took 6 years 

mother and daughter!

Hearing impaired family motto

Grandchildren and me

Many books with Selvedge covers to show al I have done and have left to do!




Newest vest with collar, an alligator!

Fund raising quilt for enviornmental group in my town, WEST, and a friend won it and the organizer wants another one as it was based on a photo taken by her husband, wo I loved, such a kind giving person and helped me  forever, and when life calms down another on will be created, differently!
A life filled with inspiration, love, and commitments, plus introspection is wonderful!
Let the sun shine in!!!!