Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Selvedge fabric

Well, I couldn't stand the laundry basket full of Selvedges so I used them up!  That's right, all of them.  I did throw some of the very narrow out but I was amazed at how beautiful they look when sewn in a rag rug in a previous post or this one that may turn into a bag!
rag rug or bag
The remaining selvedges I stripped pieced into  eighteen 11 1/2" squares and trying to use up the left over batting, given to my by my favorite Longarm quilter Kathryn, more strips.  I have enough to make a quilt or a jacket or one of each!
all used!

What? huh?

I have a carved Santa made by Uncle George that is dressed in "lakewear:" and he is seriously considering my latest projects!

I have also been making animals, so far 2 elephants and  2 bears out of reproduction Kente Cloth for an upcoming exhibit at the Fitchburg Art Museum.
Kente Elephant

Need to finish something that I am supposed to finish instead of  playing with other stuff.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WHAT have you finished?

Well, Valentine's Day has come and gone and husband gone again.  I went out with another wife whose husband is out of the country on Valentine's Day.  My husband did bring flowers and card and maybe I will get a bauble too on his trip home! He has always traveled and probably has been home for 5 Valentine's Day in 38 years of marriage!
 I have been busy working on my UFO's.  I finished the chicken bag, the Twists and Twirls bag, the Marci Baker " Tiny Boxes" open Tumbling Blocks quilt, used all the 1/2 square triangles and 3/4 of the Petal swap, although they are not completely quilted yet!  I got distracted by all the Selvedges I have and felt I should do something with them as I do bill myself as the Selvedge Queen.
As you can see from the pictures I made a rag rug on a Locker Loom that my husband built for me last summer.  All Selvedges!  Thank you to all who added to my stash but especially to Sylvia Einstein because she gave me 10 years of selvedges from all over the world and some are quite exciting!
I always tell people what I like and what they could give me if they find some when cleaning out their houses.  I have gotten the fabric for the blinds, Selvedges, an antique Crazy quilt Fan design quilt top from the 1900's, an offer of beads from a mother- in -law;s broken necklaces, all this month! Think of me when cleaning as if it a textile, button, beads, or strange I want it!
I am also cutting up batting that a long arm quilter, Kathryn Amadom, hire her as she is the best, gave me! Anyway, she recycles her leftover batting and I have used it to put 3 small quilts together and also to zigzag stitch down some of these selvedge to an 11 1/2 square of batting.  It doesn't even look like I have used any so I guess I will have to make more!
Check out where I am giving my talk and come and see me!