Friday, October 14, 2016

Quilt Therapy

Have you ever said or done something that created such a maelstrom of controversy that you just wish you had shut up!  Yes, I have and did.  I have made 15 Comfort quilts, finished a Judy Neimeyer I have worked on for 3 years, cried, stitched some more, had more conversations that were ore negative side and can't believe it is on me and it  needs to be fixed, somehow?  Maybe?  I wish it were a complicated quilt but it isn't.  It is family and that is the hardest audience!

So I am going to quilt shows, quilt Shop Hops. enjoying fall soccer games and foliage, not cleaning and looking forward to where life goes.

Going on a Shop Hop to  some stores I have never been too, why not, speaking to a guild in Bridgton, Me next week on my 43rd Anniversary, going on a quilt getaway to York, Me planned by a great friend and I do mean friend.  Been allowed by another great friend to use her Sweet Sixteen Handiquilter sit down mid arm machine and whipping through those Comfort Quilt!  She is also coming to the getaway that no one will no us!  Imagine, if you are a seasoned quilter, usually the resident here to all, and knowing not one soul and they have no idea you could hep them!  I may finally get something or not, done!  I may be my own demon.

See where this is going?  Friends and quilting can help us get through life's biggest moments, can soothe and wounded soul and help give solace to others.  Our emotions get channeled into positive results for others and may help us move forward and accept that life be assorted skipped stitches, broken needles, inaccurate measuring, and sometimes turns out better than expected.

I will post the last three comfort quilts, T-shirt quilt I made for a friend and the Judy Neimeyer when they are done.  Can't wait to move on to a new project!!