Saturday, November 17, 2012

Selvedge Queen: Life in Calamity

Selvedge Queen: Life in Calamity

Blogs are meant to be written more often!

I love to write but I love to procrastinate so I procrastinate and don't write.  Have you ever wondered why you wait to do the things you love?  Thanksgiving Resolution, I never seem to last in New Years Resolutions, so I am changing the date.  Make time to write my blog, thank you's, see my friends, update my Facebook page and figure out how to post pictures into this blog!  In these, I don't procrastinate.  I do make studio time to create, I do make time for my family and my quilt guilds, FAM and making the time to write should be easy.  What will you do or stop doing?

My life is truly a Lifetime movie.  Every week a new adventure.  Yesterday a friend and I saw the biggest moose ever, with antlers and looping walk.  The only other moose I have seen was also with her, although that one jumped in front of my car forcing me to come to a skidding halt.  I do that a lot.   I did a "Selvedge Queen" talk to the Proper Bostonians Quilt Guild in West Roxbury last month and I stopped to ask directions to the correct building, as there were many unmarked in this area with the same name, from 2 ladies standing in front of a building and they told me I had arrived.  It was pouring rain and I said I had traveled for 2 hours and when asked where I came from I mentioned my small town, that no one ever knows, and the woman replied, she was from there too, lived only a few miles from my camp.  How can this be?  She was visiting her sister and decided to come to the meeting!  Small world.

I went to a couple of  Quilt Getaways a few weeks back, one,14 miles from my home.  If you really want to be creative and actually create, you need to go to a Getaway.  Friends, inspiration, projects, UFO's and dancing is sparkle boots, that was me, are all part of the adventure.  Here, there is no procrastination as people, when finished a project, hang them on design walls behind them, and if there is nothing behind you and you begin to get motivated.

The biggest thing that happened this month is while attending A Quilters Gathering Quilt show in Manchester, NH, during Saturday nights pajama party I was introduced the 25th Anniversary Wearables Fashion Coordinator and commentator.  This is BIG!!!!  While dressed in my election wear PJ's with "Patriot, Revolutionary War, "boytoy" and stars bottoms and Patriots, current, blanket and pirate hat made with stuffed boy toy dolls carrying flags I reminded all to vote as this was there right but also a privilege to do, even though the outcome may not be your choice you did choose to direct the vote a certain way by your vote.  When I was Selectman in my town people, especially after a Town Meeting, taxpayers would accost me and say I spent all their money.  The first question I asked was "Are you a registered voter?"  Then, I asked if they came to the meeting.  If they answered  NO to both, well, they went away knowing that I did not spend their money but a collective group of concerned voters did.  You must Choose to be heard, as this is how elections are done and money is spent.  What the outcome is depends on the voter who came and was heard and sometimes these are the ones with issues if they don't want something or really want an article passed.  Be heard and vote.

I also took a class and lecture with Kaffe Fasset.  What an inspiring man and his books are so full of patterns and ideas and ways to be a creative.  Although our quilting techniques are different we are all artists and appreciate the differences in each other.  Kindred souls.

I was asked to make costumes for FAM, Fitchburg Art Museum, to make the paintings on the walls come to life for our Director of 39 years Retirement party.  There were actors acting out the pictures, wearing my creations, and, what a night!  Chili contest, he was called through Skpe by his son in Afganistan, whose birthday was the same night.  So moving and surrounded by friends and people who love the museum it was a great wish you well kind of evening.

Today I took a class with Jane Davila, look her up!  She brought so many old and new techniques that my pocketbook is empty but my creativity will go forward, maybe differently.  So many new products, so many things you can manipulate and change and enhance and evolve to new things.  Lots of sample and many ideas.  I needed to come outside my box and this will help!  Most people think I am way out there, out of normal range but define norm.  I love that line from Wicked, the Musical!  You can never rest on what you have done because there is so much more that is in you, so let it out!

So now I am taking out from Christmas tree.  My 1st Blog was about the adventure I had last year with doing that, me and the rodent!  This year, will be different, maybe.................
Until.......the next time......jessica

"Go Vote" A Quilters Gathering 2012
Revolutionary War "Boytoy" Alexander Henry fabric Election hat!
I just supplied the mummy wraps and missing is Hosea!
Costumes for FAM 2012

Greek Soldier

Creative and muse 
Sarah Clayton and Sarah Clayton
I made the "breasts" on this African aging fertility mother 2012

Director and me at party
Porcelain teapot
Challenge to create a quilt that is me, scary, like me! with storybook of Selvedge Queen

2500 yards of fabric from Trunk Show 2012

Garments old and new 2012
Trunk Show 2012

I get around and visit!

Eleanor Norcross, founder of FAM, painting and actress made or recycled bridesmaid dresses!