Sunday, February 1, 2015

Promised Resolutions already gone!

I know I said I would write more and go to the gym, well....... didn't happen yet.  The good thing about making and keeping resolutions is that you can stop and start many times as long as you keep  trying.  There are 2 songs on the radio about the word Try and one, by Colbie Callait,  has to do with accepting and liking yourself, that you "don't have so try so hard" because you should like yourself and the second is about continuing to try, by Pink, no matter what.  So I will go to the gym as soon as the snow stops falling a foot at a time and I will try,  and see, I am writing!  Trying........

Dolls from my Naughty Friends doll making years!
Since last I wrote I went on a getaway, 10 miles from my camp and house and I did stay for 3 days.  Much better to stay at the getaway as you can sew for 14 hours straight and get a lot finished!

Made a "Monster" quilt for a new grandson, Reese, who will be arriving in February and I recontinued, a new word,

The getaway and the Monster Quilt for new grandson Reese!

I used a pattern for most and a few are my own plus I dressed them like family!

Judy Niemeyer easy Desert Sky, well as easy as it gets!

the Judy Neimeyer, paper pieced Desert Sky one, that I started last January.   I made  30 blocks!  (This, of course, is the easier of her patterns and if you were making a King size quilt for a family, with 3 children, who jump on the bed, you would too!)  I also started my Material Girls Quilt Guild Mystery quilt and, low and behold, I screwed that up in the cutting!  Don't ever rely on pictures and
never use 10 year old fabric that you will never be able to match, but I will try try try so hard..... to continue,  no matter what!
Grinch hat!
Snow shoveling in the Elephant hat!
 45 stairs shoveled of 20" of snow!

Meanwhile, the husband has been gone since January 4th and does not return until February 7th,  so I have been shoveling 40 some odd steps, uphill, 2 decks and path up the driveway.  He bought me an easy small blower to do the decks and lower walkways but the problem is the snow, rushes and twirls like a tornado, across the lake and hits me front and center.  The snowblower's vent is tilted toward the lake and,  thus, it blows back and I end up looking like the abominable Grinch or elephant depending on which hat I grab!

I also made 2 more "Minkie" blankets, one for new grandson, Reese, and one extra, in case someone has a baby boy as  I do have an extra "girl" one from when everyone seemed to have girls.  First time I am ahead of the baby gifts.  Quilt and Minkie blankie!

Decided the Grinch bedding and Grinch and Snow Miser and Heat Miser critters had to go into hibernation and will now make Zebra pillow cases for  8 bed pillows to match the African theme going on in there still.  The grass  bedskirt needs to go as it is falling apart  and will try to figure out how to get the 2 queen size Memory Foam mattresses off the bed to put a new linen bedskirt on I have planned to make, notice the word, planned!

Patriots won and I held my iPad up to the Tv so my husband, who is in China, could watch the final winning moments, exciting plays for both teams!!!!  I did not watch the beginning as I was watching "Best In Show" dog movie and I don't really like dog movie but this one is special!  Plus I am not into football!

Well, now to watch the weather and plan my fashion wardrobe for tomorrows shoveling!
Grand daughter, 9 going on 17 and dressing like a New Yorker,  from NYC Strawberry Fields Memorial in Central park, a favorite place for us!


Stay safe and warm, eat Girls Scout cookies!