Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring, but, ice storm cometh!

I live in New England and, in a place that has its on weather,  we expect ice in April and May too.  Just don't want it anymore as this winter was brutal.  I live on a lake and our Heron returned and I watched him try to find open water, what he did find was some ones ice fishing hole!

I have been to 3 getaways and worked on the same Judi Niemeyer quilt at each and will bring it to my next one too!  I am making my son and his wife a queen size one and even though paper piecing is accurate it takes time.

This week  I am curating a quilt show with the Material Girls Quilt Guild at the annual Art in Bloom weekend at the Fitchburg Art Museum, where I am a docent as well and also interpreting an African Mask with my handwoven basket, using batik wax prints selvedges, of course, and dried material and a lone white orchid.  I will send pictures after I finish it and hang the show!

I have been fixated on the Sci Fi Channel, disaster movies and the Vikings.  I guess a long winter will force you to feel better by watching this!

I will be making my grand daughter  a Colonial dress for her class's special week on reliving this historic period.  She told her teacher that her "member" would make her a special dress and wants it in purple!  I guess you could say that a eggplant could have been used for a dyeing compound!  Also she wants to be a lady......... don't even want to think about the reason.... maybe she doesn't want to do house work like me...........
I made 2 quilts for Art in Bloom and have almost finished a raffle quilt for an environmental group, WEST, in my area, that is being saluted for its 25 year of local diligence.  To think that they formed, when I was a Selectwoman and I can't believe it was so long ago.  Time flies when you are really living it!

Please check out these websites as they are quilt shows that I am hanging and also showing my work.  Of course I have entered a vest that is still wandering around in my head so it can be started.  Think alligators!, and quilters,  for info and dates and times.

If you are looking to  see one of my talks please check out the calendar that I am in the process of revising!  (I have to figure out to do that and then it will get posted!"

I have gotten better with my procrastination complex and have thing done at least 2 weeks before they are due.  We should congratulate ourselves when we actually do it!  In the middle of closet renovation and went to IKEA today and bought what I need in anticipation of the plummer and electrician and son, the contractor coming soon.  Just like the real spring, flowers, raking black flies will be too.


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Promised Resolutions already gone!

I know I said I would write more and go to the gym, well....... didn't happen yet.  The good thing about making and keeping resolutions is that you can stop and start many times as long as you keep  trying.  There are 2 songs on the radio about the word Try and one, by Colbie Callait,  has to do with accepting and liking yourself, that you "don't have so try so hard" because you should like yourself and the second is about continuing to try, by Pink, no matter what.  So I will go to the gym as soon as the snow stops falling a foot at a time and I will try,  and see, I am writing!  Trying........

Dolls from my Naughty Friends doll making years!
Since last I wrote I went on a getaway, 10 miles from my camp and house and I did stay for 3 days.  Much better to stay at the getaway as you can sew for 14 hours straight and get a lot finished!

Made a "Monster" quilt for a new grandson, Reese, who will be arriving in February and I recontinued, a new word,

The getaway and the Monster Quilt for new grandson Reese!

I used a pattern for most and a few are my own plus I dressed them like family!

Judy Niemeyer easy Desert Sky, well as easy as it gets!

the Judy Neimeyer, paper pieced Desert Sky one, that I started last January.   I made  30 blocks!  (This, of course, is the easier of her patterns and if you were making a King size quilt for a family, with 3 children, who jump on the bed, you would too!)  I also started my Material Girls Quilt Guild Mystery quilt and, low and behold, I screwed that up in the cutting!  Don't ever rely on pictures and
never use 10 year old fabric that you will never be able to match, but I will try try try so hard..... to continue,  no matter what!
Grinch hat!
Snow shoveling in the Elephant hat!
 45 stairs shoveled of 20" of snow!

Meanwhile, the husband has been gone since January 4th and does not return until February 7th,  so I have been shoveling 40 some odd steps, uphill, 2 decks and path up the driveway.  He bought me an easy small blower to do the decks and lower walkways but the problem is the snow, rushes and twirls like a tornado, across the lake and hits me front and center.  The snowblower's vent is tilted toward the lake and,  thus, it blows back and I end up looking like the abominable Grinch or elephant depending on which hat I grab!

I also made 2 more "Minkie" blankets, one for new grandson, Reese, and one extra, in case someone has a baby boy as  I do have an extra "girl" one from when everyone seemed to have girls.  First time I am ahead of the baby gifts.  Quilt and Minkie blankie!

Decided the Grinch bedding and Grinch and Snow Miser and Heat Miser critters had to go into hibernation and will now make Zebra pillow cases for  8 bed pillows to match the African theme going on in there still.  The grass  bedskirt needs to go as it is falling apart  and will try to figure out how to get the 2 queen size Memory Foam mattresses off the bed to put a new linen bedskirt on I have planned to make, notice the word, planned!

Patriots won and I held my iPad up to the Tv so my husband, who is in China, could watch the final winning moments, exciting plays for both teams!!!!  I did not watch the beginning as I was watching "Best In Show" dog movie and I don't really like dog movie but this one is special!  Plus I am not into football!

Well, now to watch the weather and plan my fashion wardrobe for tomorrows shoveling!
Grand daughter, 9 going on 17 and dressing like a New Yorker,  from NYC Strawberry Fields Memorial in Central park, a favorite place for us!


Stay safe and warm, eat Girls Scout cookies!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Calm after the storm!

Holidays are over, decorations are still up, sinus infection has struck and ice and cold are unrelenting!  Welcome to my world.  I live in a rural area, camp sits in the lake and wind howls across the ice.   The road is 1 lane, dirt, mud, ice dams and curvy and all seem to drive fast so you spend time in ditches.  The weather is special here, always 10 degrees below normal, define normal?, and no one ever just drops by, the best part of being isolated.  My daughter has a fit overytime she has to drag her 3 children down the steep driveway, unplowed, as husband  is in Korea or somewhere over there, calling me "woman" how can you live here and my son is always needed here as issues in winter are daily and need his assistance.    The best thing is that it is beautiful here and no one expects me to be anywhere in bad weather so I can stay home and create.

Winter, summer, my shoveling outfit, picture of camp from the water in summer.  I have lived here for 12 years and never been on or in the water but now that the ice has finally frozen I plan to snowshoe with the ones I got  from Santa and plan to learn to walk with them.  New titanium knees are awesome and so glad I did not wait another 10 years to have the 2 surgeries.  If I knew how great it would feel I would have had them down 10 years ago.  No one should live in pain!

Only outside connection is from husband who uses  Facetime and asks why I did not put my makeup on and why I am still in my PJ's.  No matter where in the world we are someone can reach out and touch or talk!

Current projects are the Mystery quilt from the Material Girls Quilt Guild that started in September 2014 and so glad I did not wait until the last week before the deadline to create.  Small pieces, lots of them and I just realized I ran out of  the accent fabric that I have had for 10 years so need a hint on what to do?????

Going to a quilting getaway only 10 miles away!  Still a retreat as I will at least not be here, no prairie wife routine of dragging wood in for the wood stove to heat and no icy driveway, no cooking packaged noodles and canned veggies and will actually be normal for 3 days, what is normal remind me?!  Brinigng monster  fused quilt that I am making for new grandson Reece who will be born in February and also  his parents new queen bed quilt that is paper pieced, oh please help! and not brining the Mystery quilt pieces as need to find fabric!  Why, always an issue, always drama.

My mother in law's favorite hobby is cleaning every inch in her condo.  Well I have always told her that cleaning is hazardous to her her health and I was proven right when she broke her hip this week.

Stay warm, create, eat, drink and be happy that we have the ability to make wonderful things.

PS; maybe, if I can something done this weekend ,I will post pictures!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


It is the night before New Years
and I am writing of promising deeds
to diet, to sleep, to donate to others needs?
Yes! to all, and to all a good night
but not the night where we decide our ongoing, always ongoing, fight...
to do for ourselves, to starve and exercise or just do what is right
Give, give give give, just do
But to who
I choose the ones who are close, the ones you see, and you
must decide but just do.

I went to NYC this weekend and saw many in need,  the homeless sleeping in Central Park in the area commemorating John Lennon, my favorite artist, in Strawberry Fields, a quiet zone of contemplation with my son, Lucas, and daughter in law, Nadine, and grand children Elexis, who turned 9 that day and this was her first wish for her birthday and grandson, Nolan, all sat and listened while a homeless person sang, Strawberry Fields" forever...... to the crowd and all were moved.  We can't solve the problem but we can add some help to our local area.

I took my youngest grand daughter shopping for a Christmas dress and as we were leaving the store a Salvation Army Volunteer was ringing the bell.  I gave her some money and at 5, she was thrilled to have real cash in her hand, until l I asked her if she had wonderful parents, a great Memere, me!  and a nice home and toys to play with?  Her big eyes grew larger, pooled with uncertainty and I asked,  we should give to others who do not.  Scared as she was of the volunteer,  she placed the clutched money into the jar.  As we were leaving she looked back, as the volunteer kept ringing, and, I realized that donating, and giving, should go on all year.
So I ask all all of us, not just you. but me too, to try to give always, every month, overytime you realize someone just needs the money, the time, our precious time, that is so needed, give the fabric, the tools, the WHAT that is needed.
If we don't help ourselves and our family, those all around us, who will?
So not everyone in need needs money from us.  Some just need a nice thought.  So sometimes, just sometimes, buy someone a coffee, in line behind you, maybe, maybe, buy someones's purchases behind you, smile at the the person next to you or say have a great day to the next person you meet.  If you were  that person who  receives such a personal gift, would your day be merry, would you smile, would you think, that maybe, maybe, that was the greatest gift of all, the unexpected, the surprise, the one that made you smile and be grateful, the one that said, pass it along, maybe, maybe.......................
Happy New Year
the Selvedge Queen

Please give the time to someone you love because we have been waiting for "pretty soon now"forever!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holiday Eve!

Happy Holidays to all and to all a great night and hope all projects have come to an end!  I finished all I started and then some at 8:45 PM.  An early night compared to other years!  I made a Grinch vest out of a recycled flying cupids vest I made 10 years ago because I never wore it, ugly as  anything you can imagine.  I made this as President of Material Girls Quilt Guild of Central Mass for our Grinch party!  Everyone entered the spirit of the Grinch who learns the real meaning of Christmas.  One, not found in  packages, presents but in your heart!  it was a great times!

Have you been sewing.......

Twas the night before Christmas and all thrue the sewing room
Not a rodent was stirring, not under the vacant moon
I, in my fuzzy leopard PJ's with thread all attached
wondered, did I finish, is it done, does it match???
When, what does my wandering mind focus on?
I am done,  have I finished, please, tell me husband Don?
The  8 stockings, 18 pillowcases, to wrap presents for us and our guild
the 2 ties for Nolan, I am finished until
he asks for another, Aliens, the theme
and I think, can I make it without making a scene?
I do, then the American doll dresses, 3,  that  to buy cost so much
I decide, how!, can they cost so much?
Until I spend a  morning, mourning my time
that it took me to create them, I hear the bells chime!
So I embroidered 4 bags, 12 monogrammed shirts for all ages,
my husband, the Don, wrapped presents for all and now these pages
are about what is done, finished, completed did I complete?
the 2 stockings for grandson Mason and grand god niece Katelyn? I'm beat!
the 18 pillowcases to wrap all the presents I made
I want the holidays to be merry and there's still another day!
but the best things I created are 6 awesome Dragons
for 5 and 1.50 grandchildren, I love and well I just love Dragons!
I created a Christening dress out of my sisters 40 year old wedding one
and lo and behold a new Princess has begun
I made 2 bags for folding concert tables for a friend
in the middle of a crisis of how to finish all and then
another friend asked for me to decapitate a dog,
off a holiday stocking, and replace it by by decapitating a stuffed Snoopy, and attaching his head to the stocking, and to my Blog
I must finish, but I used the decapitated head of the dog
for my Grinch deconstructed vest, as his dog Maxxxx, I remade it and  I lite up the room
as good cheer and fun times and the spirit of holidays, Boom!!
I realized that Christmas is a wonderful time to get rid of fabric from my fabric room
Sew merry holiday to all
New Years, be great, for all and have a ball!

I will just be sleeping!
love ya! Jessica

ps: as I write my almost 1 year old grand son is running!
and his cousin, whatever she/he is is coming.......I made grandson Mason be a model b for God niece Katelyn's Christening dress out of sister 49 year old wedding dress!  Then I I made 2 bags that created self wrap so, use all your fabric and wrap!  No paper, please.....

I cut up all my Grinch Tshirts that , of course, did not fit!

Merry holiday to all and to all spend the rest of your holidays followings the sale! oh sh.t!
I forgot, PEACE, Love, Life, I admit
is so much better than all of the above........

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Speaking engagements

Bad blogger catching up!

I like to write and create but lately all I seem to do is organize, not a regular item on my dance card, yet, for some reason I need to finally do some of the things I put off.
I joined the Material Girls Quilt Guild in 2002 and proceeded to do every Strip Robin, Challenge, Friendship blocks, Log Cabin Swap, make a portrait of yourself, work on issues, and petals for years. Some I have actually finished! Some are still UFO's but I made of binder of all the project sheets and or patterns and then spent 3 days and 3 packages of ink to print the pictures. I actually found the sheets for most and the quilts or UFO's for them too!
1st quilt, hand appliqu├ęd and quilted 2003, never again....
Next 3 petal quilts although I have made 5!
Assorted strip and round robins, almost all of them competed but 1!
Oops! 2 more were completed but not on this blog.
Assorted Friendship blocks, BOM, Challenges, special events quilts too.
The only UFO's left are the Friendships blocks of my face and hands! I know I like to have images of myself, like a Egyptain Kings!
The one Strip Robin left is a 5 panel one that is simple to finish, why haven't I done that?
I also have Crazy Quilt swap blocks from 3 years that will go together with some antique ones I bought at an auction.
I have a set of blocks from another Friendship block that look like stain glass windows and are paper pieced. I thought I would make every block in the book to make a large quilt but I am rethinking that!
I started a King size quilt for son and daughter in law that needs to get done sooner than most of the rest of these thing but I also found 4 quilts all sandwiched and ready to quilt, maybe those should just get done. What do you think?

You will have to figure out which picture goes with which type of project!

I thought my UFO's would have been more but I guess I do finish most things.

I did create 4 costumes for my grand children! and go pumpkin picking and graduated from PT after my 2 nd knee replacement and I am ready to go!

Just some eye candy to view!