Sunday, October 26, 2014

Speaking engagements

Bad blogger catching up!

I like to write and create but lately all I seem to do is organize, not a regular item on my dance card, yet, for some reason I need to finally do some of the things I put off.
I joined the Material Girls Quilt Guild in 2002 and proceeded to do every Strip Robin, Challenge, Friendship blocks, Log Cabin Swap, make a portrait of yourself, work on issues, and petals for years. Some I have actually finished! Some are still UFO's but I made of binder of all the project sheets and or patterns and then spent 3 days and 3 packages of ink to print the pictures. I actually found the sheets for most and the quilts or UFO's for them too!
1st quilt, hand appliqu├ęd and quilted 2003, never again....
Next 3 petal quilts although I have made 5!
Assorted strip and round robins, almost all of them competed but 1!
Oops! 2 more were completed but not on this blog.
Assorted Friendship blocks, BOM, Challenges, special events quilts too.
The only UFO's left are the Friendships blocks of my face and hands! I know I like to have images of myself, like a Egyptain Kings!
The one Strip Robin left is a 5 panel one that is simple to finish, why haven't I done that?
I also have Crazy Quilt swap blocks from 3 years that will go together with some antique ones I bought at an auction.
I have a set of blocks from another Friendship block that look like stain glass windows and are paper pieced. I thought I would make every block in the book to make a large quilt but I am rethinking that!
I started a King size quilt for son and daughter in law that needs to get done sooner than most of the rest of these thing but I also found 4 quilts all sandwiched and ready to quilt, maybe those should just get done. What do you think?

You will have to figure out which picture goes with which type of project!

I thought my UFO's would have been more but I guess I do finish most things.

I did create 4 costumes for my grand children! and go pumpkin picking and graduated from PT after my 2 nd knee replacement and I am ready to go!

Just some eye candy to view!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Summer's End

Well, where did it go, this summer! I was too busy traveling to just stop and really smell the flowers!

Getting ready for my second Knee replacement surgery and winding up paperwork, packing, again, and getting ready to attend my first 2014-2015 Material Girls Quilt Guild Board meeting as its new President. A job I have done before but we have so many new members it will be a different experience! Love those unexpected, unplanned things that occur in our lives and make us all aware that we need each other to get things accomplished!

I will be attending the next new England Quilt Museum, meet the Teachers Program day on September 19, 2014, with my dazzle dazzle cane, that my oldest grand daughter and her mom picked out for me! This is one of the best events they started a few years ago because as a past program chair it is very hard to pick a speakers your guild will enjoy without ever seeing or hearing their lecture. Plus you get to see the current exhibit at the museum as well!

Still have not been very creative but i do have some ideas on my next Selvedge Queen vest and the jewelry to match! Always have to have the accessories in hand!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Life on vacation!!

Life on vacation!

My summer has been one wonderful vacation! June to July my husband and I went on a Baltic Cruise.

It was great to leave as all it did was rain for weeks! My 60th birthday, which was already celebrated at Memorial Day really happened while I was sipping a huge glass of Danish beer in Copenhagen at Tivoli Gardens! Awesome flowers, amusements and perfect weather!! After 3 days we boarded our Azamara cruise for Germany, Poland, Estonia, St. Petersburg, Helsinki and Stockholm where we spent 2 extra days sightseeing!!

We returned and I went to NYC with some of my family for 3 days, where my grandchildren 8 and 6 wanted to go to Central Park to see John Lennon's Strawberry Fields quiet Memorial where we sang, with a crowd, Imagine. Off to see Natural History Museum, our favorite, and then to I went to see the musical, Kinky Boots. Another great awesome vacation.

Came home and went to Ogunquit, Me with my sisters and family, perfect weather week, beach was invigorating! Water, frigid!

To Loon Mtns, NH with entire family for a few days and finally relaxing in Boothbay Harbor, Me with friends to chill out from all the fun and get ready for 2nd knee replacement!

On the quilting side, my motivation has not been there and nothing but dust collecting in my sewing room. I do have some Selvedge Queen talks in the Fall and Spring and I hope that jump starts my creativity. Hard to be diligent and sit down and sew when the water and sun calls out to visit...