Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Summer's End

Well, where did it go, this summer! I was too busy traveling to just stop and really smell the flowers!

Getting ready for my second Knee replacement surgery and winding up paperwork, packing, again, and getting ready to attend my first 2014-2015 Material Girls Quilt Guild Board meeting as its new President. A job I have done before but we have so many new members it will be a different experience! Love those unexpected, unplanned things that occur in our lives and make us all aware that we need each other to get things accomplished!

I will be attending the next new England Quilt Museum, meet the Teachers Program day on September 19, 2014, with my dazzle dazzle cane, that my oldest grand daughter and her mom picked out for me! This is one of the best events they started a few years ago because as a past program chair it is very hard to pick a speakers your guild will enjoy without ever seeing or hearing their lecture. Plus you get to see the current exhibit at the museum as well!

Still have not been very creative but i do have some ideas on my next Selvedge Queen vest and the jewelry to match! Always have to have the accessories in hand!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Life on vacation!!

Life on vacation!

My summer has been one wonderful vacation! June to July my husband and I went on a Baltic Cruise.

It was great to leave as all it did was rain for weeks! My 60th birthday, which was already celebrated at Memorial Day really happened while I was sipping a huge glass of Danish beer in Copenhagen at Tivoli Gardens! Awesome flowers, amusements and perfect weather!! After 3 days we boarded our Azamara cruise for Germany, Poland, Estonia, St. Petersburg, Helsinki and Stockholm where we spent 2 extra days sightseeing!!

We returned and I went to NYC with some of my family for 3 days, where my grandchildren 8 and 6 wanted to go to Central Park to see John Lennon's Strawberry Fields quiet Memorial where we sang, with a crowd, Imagine. Off to see Natural History Museum, our favorite, and then to I went to see the musical, Kinky Boots. Another great awesome vacation.

Came home and went to Ogunquit, Me with my sisters and family, perfect weather week, beach was invigorating! Water, frigid!

To Loon Mtns, NH with entire family for a few days and finally relaxing in Boothbay Harbor, Me with friends to chill out from all the fun and get ready for 2nd knee replacement!

On the quilting side, my motivation has not been there and nothing but dust collecting in my sewing room. I do have some Selvedge Queen talks in the Fall and Spring and I hope that jump starts my creativity. Hard to be diligent and sit down and sew when the water and sun calls out to visit...

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Life changes

I think everyday is an opportunity for change and while, this can be good, it is mostly stressful! My life is ever-changing and evolving and I love the fact that are unexpected things happening because I never take for granted that my day will be the same as yesterday. It never is.
Today I had 20 Docents and staff from the Fitchburg Art Museum for an end of the year celebration of things accomplished!
Tomorrow I will give my Selvedgequeen talk to the Cheshire Quilt Gulld in Keene , NH and look forward to the visit! Love the JoAnns there and love the Mill Yard Shopping Center where many different stores are. I shop there many times!
I never realized knee surgery would add to my laid back approach I have developed to sewing. I need to get back in the path I always had but never realized how fortunate I was to have a path. I have started the basic Judy Nemeyer Desert Star quilt to make for my son and family, easy but I need to sit down and sew.
grandchildren I staying, all 4, for the weekend. Mason is just to little at over5 months! He loves his mommy, Marisa. I have planned tshirt painting projects and canvas painting projects for their Fathers for Fathers Day. I think most of us have alternative things that our children would love to play with and it is time to use them!
I will post pictures of stuff they actually sit down and make. I find that when they come here they love to trade the Yellow Brock Road ups nd down constantly. Plus they did everywhere, so watch your step! We have no yellow bricks but all know Memere's love of the Wizard of Oz and also love to just play.
Don't you wish you could play like a child. Just decide to do something out of your box, use some of those products you buy, just do something outrageous! YES, I wilL!

I had a great 60th Birthday party hosted by my vids and husband, so very thankful to have them!

My kids had every quest and relative write a story about me! They were truthful and said what happened and I was amazed they did not exaggerate! Mnay do but my kids were surprised at what was written as they thought I had embellished! If they only knew the full truth!……..NEVER

Friday, May 30, 2014

Family, Quilters Connection Quilt Show and 60th birthday!

A very busy week, a very busy life, a very busy family and friends! You know, it is hard to be, really be, a family member, especially ours. We love each other, help each other and the most important thing a family is and does, is be there for each other. It takes time, money to travel and it takes a special person to recognize that a family is a living thing and, a great family, as mine is, knows that, appreciates that we are given a gift of love and family. You are there everyday, every event, you go out of your way to realize that family takes precedence over everything. Personal ills and or conflicts, and trust me there are conflicts! I call our family, the PACK! Wolves run in a pack and we are not wolves but we are strong and aggressive and all of us need time that needs to be spent in the best possible way as we are too busy. They can be wonderful when pushed to the limit! Family must come first! So thank you to everyone who came to my 60th birthday!!! To some of those, who could not make it, I understand. Life interferes. Some did not want to come to celebrate and that we could understand.

Who gets a quilt cake, awesome quilt cake at their birthday! ME!

Next are my many hairdos and may party!

Now to the Quilters Connection Quilt Show! I hope some of you have the opportunity to come to our art quilt show as it is awesome! I designed the layout and the design of the show so if you hate it or have issues let me know. If you loved it let me know! It takes a lot of work to put on a quilt show and my part took at least 40 hours of time to determine the amount of quilt racks we need, as this costs your guild money, and also, in this facility, of multiple floors, where is it going and how it all looks in the end. We had 50 extra quilts and 2 less rooms and I think it looks great! Biased of course! Think of all the work the Quilt show Chair did, publicity which is crucial and the quilters themselves, up against a deadline to finish their quilts! My family comes to all my events and I am so glad my grandchildren look forward to the picture puzzles, given at this quilt show, to help them look for items in our quilts that are listed. If quilters want parents with children to come, all should give them a fun activity to do and as a docent in a museum, It helps them look at the pieces and helps all to really see them!

I have 1 quilt and 2 garments, already tagged in a previous Blog. I have not sewn much since my knee surgery as this takes more than 3 months to have all back to sewing mode but I did make a Selvedge bunny that may look like something else, so I billed it as a Selvedge Animal for a charity auction to raise funds for numerous textile non profits. You know, we are all luck we have museums, and event like quilt shows, local quilts shops, local markets and store and many events offered in your community but if you do not support them, attend then they will disappear and you will miss them! They need your support to continue as do charities but giving to your community to keep it vibrant is everything!

Like I said a busy week! I must say I did hit the wall after the 60th party, revived by the QC Quilt show and will crash again and then have the Fitchburg Art Museum Docent end of the year party, which every time I host it, it rains and is very cold, in June. No one has ever seen my awesome view!

Quilters husbands are an amazing group and mine is the Macgyver of all! He can plan a quilt show, hang it and take it down! Now, all is not perfect as a lot of negative words can and are directed but he does it again and again and now tells me never again! Boo whoo, we will work on that!

We will work on a lot of thing especially getting back to sewing and stuff. Life is not worth value unless you push yourself to do it all, sometimes at your expense, but it is so worth it in the end! I now I live that way and am so blessed!

Love Jessica