Friday, January 15, 2016

Reorganization after years unfinished ongoing projects

Again I write I am a terrible Blogger.  There is so much to say that I can't remember what it was!  All I know is that last month, 2 year renovation of new roof, ongoing siding, larger 1/2 bath and closet and major meltdown on Christmas night, about said closet and living like a hoarder, as our closet and laundry room were stacked behind a couch, off and on, for years!  Tired and sick of wearing the same 5 outfits, all black, black!  from a very colorful quilter?  My wonderful husband almost finished the entire inside work but had to fly off for a business trip!
I now have the most awesome closet ever!  I appreciate the fact that he worked 12 hour days, hanging sheetrock, rearranging wiring, plastering, painting and putting together 4 Ikea closet systems, a major accomplishment!
Shoe drawers in downstairs bathroom

His and her clothing and show tower, all labeled with picture in plastic container in the corner that you can't see!

Clothes to Salvation Army for donation

What tile for backsplash, o thing not competed and plumbing too

Organized all quilts in empty Armoir as all the clothes are in the drawers in the bathroom

Ikea bathroom, just right fit!

Extra 3" space filled with the larger quilts, rolled on narrow PVC pipe

Awesome twister track light that really was unnecessary but so boudoir looking!
Summer clothes. labeled

Me and my MaGuyver!
So, while the husband worked, I stayed home and quilted, brought 3, 2 sided quilts, for nieces and nephews, trying to purge myself of juvenile fabric, and only one more, sports this time, after a princess quilt, a superheroes quilt and and train one, to make.  I did pick up a Skelton/day of the Dead quilt I made and will post all pictures when they are completed.  I gave a completed one to a friend who always admired my work.

I dressed in Americana wear for our annual Christmas party because who doesn't dress up for that.  Last year I came as the Grinch, but this was right after the Paris bombing, and I feel we should all shout for our countries wherever they are.
Wrong side, Autumn looking, as I gave it to her after Holloween, of the Day of the Dead quilt
Right side of the quilt for a friend who owns the local Bed and Breakfast, Mainfare!

A strange picture that another friend bought at a vintage auction and gave me to finish.  The face is painted and the background was stitched before it was framed.  He gave it to me to "does her up"  and I did as she looked like a Gibson Girl!  Very hard to stitch on stretched canvas and rouse at the same time!
Closeup of painted face!

I made this 4" snowman 15 years ago for  the same local Bed and Breakfast  and they still have it outside at the holidays!

Even with all these quilts and one more sports theme I have to make tomorrow, no dent in my stash.  Maybe a spare inch on some shelves.  I think it is growing in there even though I have tried not buy whim buy fabrics.
The new fabrics, today, are so modern and upbeat it is hard to walk away.

Why do we quilt?

because we need to!

more to do..................

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