Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Great Fundraiser!


Tonight I was co-auctioneer at the North Parish Quilters guild who had 70 of the most spectacular bags I have ever seen filled with stuff! They also held a Silent Auction and a flea market table and refreshments loaded into, BAGS! There were family members modeling, many other members of other guilds were invited and all of us had a wonderful time and I got 2 great bags, one signed by Nancy Zeiman!

If your guild needs money, participation, new members or just want to have fun, try this!!! I am sure they will be doing this in the future as it was great!

Another guild, Quilters Connection will be having their quilt show May 30 to June 2 at the Arsenal Center for the Arts in Watertown, Ma. Check out for times and events. We will be having a Silent Auction to benefit assorted charities among them New England Quilt Museum and the Textile Museum in Lowell, Ma plus others. Come and say hello and if you are wondering who I am, I am the one dressed up!!!!!

I will post pictures soon!


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Linda Hicks said...

Boy! or Girl! You can do EVERYTHING!...Good work.